Activate PayPal (Business)

Link your PayPal account with Fygaro to accept payments online and get special pricing.

To update your business to today´s consumers, you must accept payments online.. With Fygaro it is now even easier and faster with our new PayPal integration.

To enable  PayPal, you must have or upgrade to Fygaro Plus, update plan here.

To begin, just follow this simple steps:

  1. Log into PayPal Dashboard (Click Here) and type your PayPal account email and password.
  2. On the My Apps & Credentials page, toggle to Live. To create an app, click Create App in the REST API apps section. Type "Fygaro" as the name for your app and click Create App.

3. Copy and save your API credentials — the client ID and secret for your app — which you will need later in Fygaro.

Note: To rotate your app secret, click Show and Generate New Secret. After you generate an app secret, you can disable the old secret and enable the new one. Do not disable your app secret if live API calls still use it.

4. Login to your Fygaro account at

5. Select Settings and then the "Payments" tab:

6. Select "Add Gateway", choose the option "PayPal Business" and enter your client ID and Secrete you created with PayPal:

Do not forget  to press "Save" when ready to activate accepting payments with PayPal.

¡That is it! From now on, you can accept payments to your invoices and products, and receive the money directly to your PayPal account.