If you made an invoice and placed more products than required, or a customer wishes to make a return, you should not worry! Fygaro will help you record the change and update your inventory easily.

To help a customer with a return, and record it just follow these steps:

1.Go to your Dashboard and click on Invoicing.

2. Select the invoice you wish to modify.

3. Go to the product you want to return and in the field of "Quantity" subtract the number of products you need to return or remove from the invoice.


4. If you also want to return the product (s) to one of your inventory warehouses in Fygaro, select the button with the two parallel red arrows.


5. In the modal that opens, select the warehouse to which you want to return the product, and click on Add Redund!


6. In the lower right, under the title "Actions", click on "Save" or "Save and Send" for changes to take effect.

Now you have completed your return and updated the information.